Sustainability & Materials

We believe in buy once, buy well because it’s the right thing to do.  Making jewelry doesn’t have to come at a cost to the earth or our communities.  It’s with that in mind that we focus on the materials we use and continuously search for more sustainable ways to make jewelry.  

Recycled Solid Gold

Recycled gold means that what’s old is new again. All our jewelry is made with 100% recycled solid gold or tarnish resistant silver. With solid gold, your piece retains its value and lasts an entire lifetime.

Ethically Source Diamonds

All our diamonds are sourced conflict-free – certified through the Kimberly Process. The Kimberley Process is a commitment through the United Nations to remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain. You can feel good about every diamond on your piece

Made-to-Order Means Less Waste

We make every piece to order and to your specifications so that you get exactly what your heart desires.  There are no warehouses full of unsold items going to the landfill.  When pieces are returned, the gold is melted down to be reused again.

Nickle-Free, Allergy-Free

All of our 10K, 14K and 18K yellow and rose gold, as well as our silver pieces, are nickel free. This means that those with nickel allergies need not worry!

Handcrafted in North America

Every piece is handcrafted in North America.  We work with manufacturers throughout the USA.  We source our materials from around the world with suppliers that we feel align with our values.