Luxe. Personalized.


About the Luxe Charms Collection

Luxe. Charmed. My second collection is about adding a little sparkle and shine to your everyday look. I wanted to share some of my favorite charms, just in time for the holidays. The Luxe Charms are inspired by all of you, and the things that make you smile. I am proud to have you all show off these pieces from my new collection this winter season. Enhance your everyday style, with a little luxe and charm.

Behind The Jewelry

Buy once, buy well with solid gold jewelry

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Each piece from the collection is so elegant and timeless! This is jewelry I know I’ll wear for years to come - I love how the initials are so delicate and the necklaces are easy to layer. I’m always looking for classic jewelry that will go with anything in my wardrobe - these are truly the perfect pieces!

Parisa - Washington D.C.